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| Towcester, Northampton

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Who knew that our attitudes to change could be explored in the guise of two mice, and two mice sized people?

Who moved my cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson explores the human responses to change, and how we can adapt effectively to change scenarios in our own lives.
The tale explores the different experiences of the mice – “Sniff and Scurry” and the two little people “Hem and Haw” as they discover and subsequently lose an idyllic situation within “the maze”.

The story takes the reader through the different approaches to the changing scenario, and the psychology that underpins the choices they make in embracing or rejecting their new circumstances.

This is an engaging and compelling read, concisely covering the topic in a highly accessible and entertaining way. The characters have enough personality to bring the story alive without overcomplicating the narrative.

This is an excellent book for those wanting to gain a quick and high-level overview of our attitudes to change. It provides useful insights and some pragmatic advice of what we can do to adapt to change scenarios.

The only negative point for me is the price. For a 94 page book (and the pages contain very little writing) it is a bit pricey. I would still give it 4 stars for the writers’ ability to engage the reader and convey the nuts and bolts of a complex subject clearly and succinctly.


Who moved my Cheese is available on Amazon.

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