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| Towcester, Northampton

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If you're struggling with overly complicated or clumsy attempts to close deals, or you're worried about coming across as pushy or needy when trying to get commitments from prospects, then maybe James Muirs "magic formula" will be worth a look.

The Perfect Close by James Muir looks at changing sales encounters from random, poorly created events, into valuable pre-planned meetings that advance sales towards successful outcomes.
The book covers much ground, from personal mindset and pre-call planning through to how to conduct a meeting to maximise your chances of personal success.

The perfect close seeks to address a fundamental truth in the sales profession – salespeople don't close business at the rates at which they should. James Muir's position is that a contributing factor to this is that manipulation and trickery don't work, but being professional, prepared and delivering value do.
The book takes us on a journey that lays out Muirs perspective on the activities that support great sales calls (mindset, planning and value sharing) and then delivers his magic formula for conducting meetings that end with the "perfect close".

I enjoyed James Muir's journey through improving your closing rate. For me, it shared a lot of sensible and positive messages that support my personal view that sales is a professional activity, and at its best, is carried out by well prepared, thorough people, who genuinely want to create positive outcomes for their prospects.

The book draws on some good research, that helps to qualify the position Muir takes, and I think this supports his argumentation well.
I like the position he takes that many of us are overly focussed on a single "closing event", whereas we can see a sales process as a series of exchanges, which must each end in a "close" for the deal to move forward.

I also enjoyed the simplicity of his method of exploring the situation, his "perfect closing formula" if you will, which made much sense to me, and was reassuringly free of manipulation or fakery.

I also enjoyed Muir's discussion on value. I think he is bang on when he points out that many salespeople describe what they do, and not the value they bring to a prospect. I'd also agree that this is why many salespeople get trapped in a price game, as they are unable to articulate the discernible value of what they do in their prospects mind.

If you're struggling with your sales, or don't have a straightforward process or sales system available, "The Perfect Close" by James Muir is a perfect start -point for focussing on what you should be doing, in mindset, in preparation and the meeting.

It's a definite four star read, and worth both the time and the money for this read. For sales nubes, or those willing to reflect and change their focus, The Perfect Close is a good, thought-provoking resource that can improve personal performance.

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