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| Towcester, Northampton

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In a world where selling has made a massive shift into the digital space – your LinkedIn profile has become one of your most powerful assets.

LinkedIn Inbound by Sam Rathling is a fantastic entry point to the world of LinkedIn, which, for many of us has been little more than a place to host a digital CV.

The book takes the reader through the process of creating a compelling LinkedIn personal profile and then how to use the power of the platform to prospect for new business. It moves on to help the reader position themselves as an expert in their field and create useful habits to ensure they get the most for their time invested on the platform.

It is a brilliant introduction to LinkedIn for those who haven’t invested their time on the site before.
It’s written in simple language and is full of practical, experiential advice, that can be implemented straight away by the reader as they make their way through the book.
My only criticism is the regular promotional messages used to promote Sams other products to support your effectiveness in the world of LinkedIn. These become a little tiresome, but fortunately don’t overwhelm the otherwise quality content delivered.

If you want to establish your presence on LinkedIn, but haven’t previously invested time in the platform, then this is definitely a book for you. It will help you to present yourself in a professional and polished manner, without having to spend a ton of money and without investing an unreasonable amount of time.

I give LinkedIn Inbound a solid 4 stars, it would have been a solid 5, but for the promotional diversions in the text.

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