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Content DNA by John Espirian

Are you struggling to get to grips with your social media strategy? Do you understand how you want to be seen by your target audience? Do you know the difference between your “poison portrait” and your “pen portrait”, and do you know why you should care?

Content DNA is an excellent book on social media marketing for those of us who don’t have the time to invest in developing in-depth domain knowledge to support a growing business.

The book is set out in short, easy to read chapters that have an actionable focus.

As you work your way through the book, you’ll work through focussing on what you stand for, how you would like to be viewed by your target and how to present yourself to your online digital community. Jons focus is on creating a professional and consistent voice for all of your online material.

Content DNA takes you on your social media journey with straightforward and easy to read text. Each chapter delivers its takeaway upfront (a surprisingly useful approach) and provides enormous value for anyone who wants to make all the critical decisions about their brand.

I’d recommend this book highly to anyone who wants or needs to be more involved in developing their brand on social media. It’s full of actionable advice, which you can implement very quickly. However, Jon offers a great insight that the reader should have a 30-month plan for their social media strategy in mind, so no quick fixes here.

Possibly too “light” for a social marketing guru, I give Content DNA 5 stars, it offers excellent value in an easily read and straight forward package.


If you'd like to get a dose of content DNA - click here.

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