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Management & Leadership

The real cost of hiring a sales-dud rather than a sales superstar can be as high as 10 to 25 times the annual salary. So why is the recruitment function treated as an unfortunate and inconvenient by-product of a sales managers role, rather than something that is at the centre of long term sales success?

Pleasing and indeed delighting our customers can be a sure-fire way to business growth. However, in our rush to be seen as doing a "great job" we can provide services and levels of support that are unrealistic, unwarranted and unappreciated. 

Spending our organisations time and money on services the customer does not value can drain profitability and jeopardise growth.

Accurate sales funnel management offers huge benefits to a wide range of organisational functions. So why is this essential part of the reporting process frequently more like a work of fiction than of empirical fact? 

This post explores the key elements to creating accurate reports and managing them effectively with your sales teams.

We hire salespeople who claim good past results and appear professional and competent at interview and then they fail to hit agreed targets. Why is that?

Small business owners tend to stay small because they do not install systems and processes into their business. Most owners want to hire “experienced” sales people. The mentality is to hire someone, teach them about their products and services, then expect the person to “go sell”. What’s the problem? If we hire experienced sales people, once they learn the product or service, they should be good to go, right?

I am a terrible “bah humbug!” when it comes to “trick or treat” but I do take a keen interest in Ghosts.